What will these setups look like on my device?​

Android, Amazon, Formuler Z & Nvidia Only Apps.

All setup guides and downloads for these Apps are avaiable in the Setup Guides section

JM Streams APP

This is a great app based on the XCIPTV  format, this comes with two built-in players, ExoPlayer and VLC Player with adaptive HLS Streaming. Recording & in-app Multi-screening. Simple UI design for easy navigation.


This is original version of the app based on the $kyQ and Netflix layouts with 4K on-demand Movies, TV Shows, catch-up TV, built in VPN (subscriptions available soon) and the option to select MX and VLC player. This app does not record or have favorites.

JM Streams is a Superior IPTV Provider with the Highest Quality streams in Premium FHD from around the World.

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